Shiny Brand Bra
Bikini bodice, without inserts. Duplicated by a grid from the inside. Straps with decorative rhinestone elements, on the regulators.
Panties Shiny Brazil
Brazilian panties. Duplicated by a grid from the inside. Ties on the sides in the form of a decorative cord with rhinestones.
Shiny Tang Panties
Panties-tang. Duplicated by a grid from the inside. Decorative rhinestone element at the back.

Please note that cleaning of the product is possible only with the removal of accessories.

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*This product is not the subject of exchange and return according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 19, 1998, #55.
Note: see «Delivery and Return»

According to the Russian Federation Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" in the wording of the Government of 20.10.1998 № 1222, underwear and hosiery included in the "List of non-food items of appropriate quality" that can not be returned or exchanged for similar models of other sizes, shapes, dimensions, styles, colors or equipment.

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